Hissing of possums

Have you ever been awake throughout the night and been scared by hearing weird, scary sounds? Ever been confused about whether the sounds were of animals or ghosts? Did you ever hear sounds so loud and scary which made you lose your sleep? This is very common, especially if you are living in a place which is familiar with animals such as possums. Many different animals make the snake-like sound. One of them is a possum.

What sounds do possums make?

If you were wondering what sort of sounds do possums make or do they even make any sounds or not, you are at the right place. Possums make a low throaty growl sound. However, before it grows in a low throaty sound, it may begin to start hissing at first. The sounds made by possums begin at a low hiss and gradually builds up to a growl. In short, the answer to our question raised whether possums hiss or not is, yes possums do hiss.

Their reason for hissing

The major reason why a possum would hiss is when it is being threatened. The sound level and the pitch of the sound depends on the degree of the threat being faced by the animal. The sounds can steadily increase to louder volume as the threat is increased. To show dominance and have control over a territory, possum would try to scare off other possums which might feel threatened and hiss for safety.

Other sounds made by possums

The hissing of possums can be very haunting and scary at night. However, it is not the only sound that is made by the animal. Possums can produce very annoying sounds while being scary at the same time. Sometimes you can hear possums running on the roof of your house which can be a nuisance. Mostly these voices increase in numbers during the mating season of the animals when these animals fight for territory. Due to the fighting of territory, you can sometimes hear them fighting for it and then hissing when they feel threatened.

Getting rid of the sounds

You may want to take certain measures to get rid of the sound when you are annoyed by it. For that, you should call the professionals as they know what to do better. You may not want to poison them as it is against the law and certain harmless animals like cats and dogs might get affected by the poison. You might not want to catch them yourselves as they might get aggressive and hurt you as well.

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